Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy

formerly Gazprom Severpodzemremont

0.01per cent ownership by Gazprom


10/1 Blagodatnaya St., Room 18-H
St. Petersburg, 196128
Russian Federation

+7 812 609-67-00
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Anton Kuzmin is Director General of Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy.

He was born on May 14, 1976, in Moscow.

Anton Kuzmin graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas on June 25, 1998.


Third-level Assistant Driller (oil and gas exploration and production wells).

Fourth-level Assistant Driller (oil and gas exploration and production wells).

First-level Technologist of the Production Support Service.

Lead Technologist of the Engineering Support Service.

Chief Specialist of the Central Operations and Dispatch Directorate.

Chief Specialist of the Well Completion and Workover Division at the Well Testing, Completion and Workover Directorate.


Head of the Well Completion and Workover Division at the Well Testing, Completion and Workover Directorate of Gazprom Bureniye, Novy Urengoy.


Head of the Business Development Directorate at Frac Jet-Volga, Moscow.

Since February 2015

Director General of Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy.

Company history

In 1982, the Urengoy Gas Production Association named after Sabit Orudzhev set up a structural unit for well maintenance and workover in Novy Urengoy.

On March 30, 2007, Gazprom Severpodzemremont was established within the Well Stimulation and Repair Directorate at Urengoygazprom.

On July 1, 2008, the well workover directorates of the Nadymgazprom, Yamburggazdobycha and Noyabrskgazdobycha gas production companies were integrated into Gazprom Severpodzemremont

On March 2, 2009, the company was renamed as Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy.

Today, Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy has four Well Stimulation and Repair Directorates and operates in such population centers of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area as Nadym, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy, and Yamburg.

Installation of URAN coiled tubing unit

Major activities

The company carries out the following types of activities:

  • well servicing and workover, downhole equipment pull-out, upgrade, renovation, retrofitting, abandonment and conservation of all types of wells at sites owned by Gazprom, its subsidiaries and independent subsurface users;
  • well stimulation and development;
  • operation of explosive, inflammable and chemically hazardous facilities;
  • arrangement and conduct of drilling operations, well completion and testing.

Running of tubing into well

Environmental protection

Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy’s environmental activities comply with Russian environmental laws, regulations, guidelines, instructions, orders, and ecological programs.

The company carries out environmental actions to minimize the adverse impacts of its core and ancillary businesses on the environmental components by adopting engineering and technological solutions, taking organizational and economic measures, and using recycling processes in its operations.

Round-trip operations

Social policy 

Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy is a socially-oriented company that fully supports and puts into practice Gazprom’s socio-economic and housing policy.

The company’s Youth Association successfully operates in the following areas: mentorship for young professionals, improvement of labor force participation and promotion of R&D among youth, shaping of social and corporate consciousness among young professionals, arranging cultural and sports events, and meeting various social challenges.

Jointly with the company’s management, the Youth Association is deeply involved in charity and patronage for the benefit of an orphan home, a number of schools, a children’s environmental station, Tyumen State University, a central municipal hospital, and a church. Moreover, they arrange festive events for disabled children and tournaments in various sports for schoolchildren.


Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy has the following development targets:

  • expanding the reach of workover, maintenance, upgrade, renovation, retrofitting, abandonment and conservation services for all types of wells throughout Western Siberia;
  • developing the company’s sci-tech potential so as to reach the level of globally known companies providing well workover services.