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Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited aims to build a unique environment of excellence, providing the world with innovative energy solutions. We will achieve this through maximising our world class entrepreneurial, marketing and trading abilities. These skills add value for our customers and will help us fulfil our vision of becoming the leading marketing and trading company in the global energy markets.


Vitaly Vasiliev is Chief Executive Officer.

Vitaly Vasiliev specialized in International Economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. In 2003 he completed an MSc in Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business in the USA.

Vitaly Vasiliev’s wide-ranging business experience includes working in a variety of roles for Gazprom Export and Gazprom.

Vitaly Vasiliev has been the Chief Executive Officer of Gazprom Marketing & Trading since 2004.

Company overview

Gazprom Marketing & Trading was established in 1999.

Nowadays, it provides customers around the world with integrated energy solutions and offers a unique suite of products and services – from gas and electricity marketing, trading and supply to smart metering, energy management solutions and carbon deals.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading headquarters in London (center of photo)

Gazprom Marketing & Trading headquarters in London (center of photo)

In less than 15 years of trading Gazprom Marketing & Trading has grown to a truly global presence.

Major activities

Gazprom Marketing & Trading operates across Europe, Asia, the Americas to provide Gazprom a global marketing reach, with around the clock operational coverage. These are the major activities Gazprom Marketing & Trading performs:

Gas & Power:

  • marketing Gas and Power to retail and wholesale customers through the Gazprom Energy brand;
  • optimising gas storage and pipeline capacity;
  • balancing Gazprom’s gas portfolio and managing price exposure;
  • joint projects in optimising Gazprom’s gas-to-power assets and balancing the power portfolio.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG), oil and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG):

  • marketing Gazprom’s Global LNG;
  • managing the global LNG portfolio with third party LNG supply and global regasification capacity;
  • marketing of oil products, including condensate, naphtha, LPG;
  • hedging oil price and foreign currency exposures through central trading hubs;
  • hedging oil price and foreign currency exposures through central trading hubs;
  • managing our shipping fleet and providing chartering services to Gazprom Marketing & Trading’s marketing businesses.

Other commodities:

  • sourcing green energy projects to help Gazprom comply with carbon emissions legislation;
  • developing new routes to market and expanding existing markets for Gazprom’s products.


The strategic goal of Gazprom Marketing & Trading is to become the leading global energy marketing and trading company. The company’s priority is to strengthen Gazprom’s position as the largest energy supplier into the global markets through: developing new markets; diversifying routes to market; and securing demand for Gazprom’s supplies. Gazprom Marketing & Trading will continue to expand Gazprom’s market reach and deliver competitive and reliable energy products to its customers worldwide.

Social responsibility

Our priorities are:

  • safeguarding the interests and well-being of all Gazprom Marketing & Trading’s stakeholders;
  • protecting the environment;
  • improving the communities.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading activities are aimed at meeting all environmental standards. The company endeavors to be as efficient as possible in resource use.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading is committed to maintaining high business standards at its offices in Europe, North America and Asia, to ensuring the employment laws (including various issues regarding equal opportunities, occupational health and safety of employees), to guaranteeing opportunities of advancement, training, learning and career development.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading sponsors sport, culture and education.