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Public Relations and Media Advisor to Director General

Yury Baikov

Public Relations and Media Advisor to Director General

+7 495 775-95-75
+7 495 775-95-65 fax
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Alexander Chernov, Director General of Gazprom Georesource.

He was born in 1981 in the Rostov Region.


In 2003 he graduated from the South-Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute), majoring in Geophysical Methods of Mineral Deposit Prospecting and Exploration.

Professional experience

Alexander Chernov has worked at Gazprom Group for 14 years.


4th category logger, geoscientist at a field geophysical survey unit, Severgazgeofizika production branch of Gazprom Georesource.


Division head, technical leader of the field geophysical survey unit at Severgazgeofizika.


Chief Engineer, Director of Severgazgeofizika.

Since 2016

Director General of Gazprom Georesource.

Company history

The company history dates back to October 1962, when four geophysical production teams were set up as part of the Moscow Prospecting Unit within the Soyuzburgaz trust under the Main Directorate of the Gas Industry of the USSR Council of Ministers with the view to conduct geophysical surveys of the Shchyolkovskaya, Kaluzhskaya and Pukhovichskaya structures.

In 1969 pursuant to the Order of the USSR Gas Industry Ministry, the Soyuzgazgeofizika production geophysical trust was set up on the basis of the Moscow Prospecting Geophysical Unit and field geophysical survey units of VNIIGAZ.

Bovanenkovskoye oil, gas and condensate field. Logging of well No. 5617

Bovanenkovskoye oil, gas and condensate field. Logging of well No. 5617

In order to secure the fast pace of hydrocarbon prospecting activities and development of new and existing fields, the Soyuzgazgeofizika trust, a unified geophysical service under the USSR Ministry of Gas Industry was established in the 1980s.

Economic and social changes in Russia between late 1980s and early 1990s marked a new stage in the company’s development. Gazpromgeofizika, an association of field geophysical survey companies of the gas industry based on the Soyuzgazgeofizika trust was set up and later reorganized into a Gazprom subsidiary.

Since late 1990s Gazpromgeofizika has been a geophysical company performing the following closed cycle of operations during prospecting, development, operation and monitoring of hydrocarbon fields and underground gas storage facilities: R&D (research and development) – Development Engineering – instrument engineering – geophysical services – geology and geophysics data interpretation – modeling – engineering services – enhanced oil recovery.

In 2008 Gazprom Georesource was set up on the basis of Gazpromgeofizika assets and team formed in the course of many years. At present, Gazprom Georesource is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom. The company has 15 branch offices, which provide a whole range of services to Gazprom Group across Russia, from Kamchatka to St. Petersburg and the Moscow Region, from Yamal to Astrakhan, as well as abroad.

Major activities

Geophysical operations at Gazprom facilities

Geophysical operations at Gazprom facilities

The company provides a wide range of services on geophysical support of oil and gas wells construction, vertical seismic profiling, seismic survey, including subcontract gravity and electrometric surveys as well as other services in European Russia, Western and Eastern Siberia as well as within and beyond the CIS.

The main areas of Gazprom Georesource activities are as follows:

  • geophysical and geotechnical well surveys and operations during exploration and control of hydrocarbon fields development as well as UGS facilities construction and operation;
  • CDP (Common Depth Point method) 2D, 3D seismic surveys, vertical seismic profiling;
  • well perforation;
  • geology and geophysics data processing and interpretation, topical analysis;
  • well overhaul and stimulation operations;
  • geophysical instruments and equipment manufacturing.

Environmental protection

The company’s environmental strategy is aimed at mitigation of environmental impacts and rational use of natural resources.

The rational use of natural resources not only provides for the mitigation of environmental impacts, but also improves the economic efficiency of the company’s businesses.

The company’s branches take sustained efforts aimed at air pollution reduction.

Environmental priorities with the account of production specifics are the following:

  • organizing collection and disposal of industrial and residential solid waste;
  • environmental monitoring of production facilities for harmful radiation;
  • increasing the level of environmental awareness and environmental education among the employees;
  • working out and introducing environmental measures.

Social policy

Gazprom Georesource is a socially-oriented company that pays special attention to developing creative and sports potential of its employees and their children.

9<sup>th</sup> Adult Spartakiada Games of Gazprom, 2012

9<sup>th</sup> Adult Spartakiada Games of Gazprom, 2012

The company has been a constant participant of the Podsolnushek children’s literature competition since 2007 and the Fakel literature and photo contests since 2008.

Our authors are employees of the Company’s Administration and production branches from different parts of Russia: the adult category includes winners in the prose, journalism and photography nominations, a member of the Russian Union of Writers, holders of the Golden Feather of Gazprom and Golden Shot honorary diplomas, participants of Gazprom’s creative workshops.

In 2011 the company held its first Spartakiada Games involving five teams and took part in the 9th Winter Spartakiada Games of Gazprom.

Since 2011 Gazprom Georesource has been a constant participant of the corporate Fakel Festival among amateur creative teams and performers from Gazprom's subsidiary companies and organizations.


The company’s prospects are as follows:

  • fully meeting the parent company’s demand in geophysical services at reasonable prices;
  • improving research and production developments and introducing new survey techniques;
  • further consolidation of geophysical assets;
  • boosting the scope of work for third parties;
  • continuous technical re-equipment of production branch capacities.