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Kostroma Region

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Kirill Zolotov is Director General of Gazpromtrubinvest.

He was born on March 11, 1970, in Leningrad.


Kirill Zolotov graduated from St. Petersburg State University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Analysis.

He has an MBA degree from St. Petersburg International Management Institute.

Professional experience


Director General of Investment Company O.K. Invest.

from May 2003

Director General of Gazpromtrubinvest.

Titles and awards

  • Letter of commendation from Gazprom;
  • Letter of commendation from the Russian Energy Ministry;
  • Merit Certificate from the Administration of the Kostroma Region.

Company history

1991: the Volgorechensk Pipe Plant company is established. Construction of the pipe mill is commenced.

1993: Kostromatrubinvest (later renamed as Gazpromtrubinvest), a subsidiary of Gazprom, is set up on the basis of the Volgorechensk Pipe Plant company.

2000: the pilot batch of electric-welded small-diameter water and gas pipes is produced.

2003: the project for manufacturing electric-welded small-diameter tubings and casings is launched.

2008: the Small-Diameter Pipe Production Shop (TsTMD) with separate lines for full-body heat treatment and finishing is brought into operation. A line for coating application is launched.

2011: the project for manufacturing electric-welded medium-diameter pipes is launched.

2015: the Medium-Diameter Pipe Production Complex (KTSD) with lines for full-body heat treatment and finishing is brought into operation.

2017: the company begins the 2nd phase of its investment project, which consists of three stages: start-up of another line for finishing, construction of the Production Shop for seamless coupling stock, and setting up of production lines for seamless tubings, casings and oil and gas pipes.

Gazpromtrubinvest is one of today’s most technologically advanced manufacturers of electric-welded pipes. The equipment installed at the company’s facilities allows it to produce tubular goods that satisfy the most stringent customer requirements.

Spanning 58 hectares, the production complex of Gazpromtrubinvest includes lines for plain-end pipe manufacturing, full-body heat treatment, pipe and coupling threading, and coating application. The company’s annual output is up to 500,000 tons of tubular goods.

Gazpromtrubinvest’s production complex

Gazpromtrubinvest’s production complex

Major activities

Gazpromtrubinvest manufactures high-quality products, which are certified under the API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5L and GOST R standards. The company’s quality management system is consistent with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

The company produces the following tubular goods for oil and gas fields:

  • electric-welded longitudinal steel tubings;
  • electric-welded longitudinal steel casings;
  • electric-welded longitudinal oil and gas steel pipes.

The technologies and equipment employed at the company’s facilities allow workers to form all types of threads on pipe ends and couplings.

Gazpromtrubinvest can also manufacture the following products for gasification and construction industry needs:

  • electric-welded longitudinal steel pipes for conveying water and gas, as well as for general purposes;
  • electric-welded longitudinal square and rectangular steel pipes.

The tubular products of Gazpromtrubinvest are purchased by major extracting companies in Russia’s oil and gas sector.

Casing pipes manufactured by Gazpromtrubinvest

Casing pipes manufactured by Gazpromtrubinvest

Environmental protection

The strategic goal of Gazpromtrubinvest is to achieve sustainable development by various means, including environmental conservation.

The company’s quality assurance and environmental protection policy is aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of its tubular products and mitigating man-made impacts on the environment. Gazpromtrubinvest abides by the principles of energy efficiency in its use of natural resources.

Seeking to promote environmental awareness across management and production processes and to develop professional competencies, the company regularly holds training sessions for managers and specialists responsible for environmental safety.

Social policy

Gazpromtrubinvest contributes to the implementation of social programs aimed at improving the health status of the population and fostering moral and spiritual development in the Kostroma Region and Volgorechensk.

The company gives charitable help to the Russian Orthodox Church, the poor, and those in need. In addition, Gazpromtrubinvest offers a benefits package for its staff members.

In order to provide better living conditions for the company’s employees, a number of apartment buildings and low-rise luxury housing units were constructed in Volgorechensk. A healthcare center was also built to improve the quality of medical services in the area.

Other social facilities set up by the company and transferred to municipal ownership include civil registry offices, utility networks, and a sports complex.

Sports complex in Volgorechensk

Sports complex in Volgorechensk


Gazpromtrubinvest intends to strengthen its positions in the key segments of the tubular goods market, namely the manufacturing of tubings and casings.

The company also plans to fully meet Gazprom’s needs for products that are required for developing new gas and oil fields.

In order to expand into new market segments in which pipes cannot be made by welding, Gazpromtrubinvest launched a project to manufacture seamless pipes. A cutting-edge three-roll technology will be used to produce seamless pipes with geometric precision comparable to that of welded products. With the successful implementation of this project, Gazpromtrubinvest will become a unique and highly diverse production complex, manufacturing both welded and seamless pipes for the oil and gas sector.