100per cent ownership by Gazprom


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Igor Solyarsky

Deputy Director General for HR and General Affairs

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Vyacheslav Tyurin is Director General of Gazpromtrans.

He was born on January 4, 1960, in Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region.


In 1982, he earned a degree in Power Stations from Kirov Ural Polytechnic Institute (now Ural State Technical University), qualifying as an electrical engineer.

Professional experience


Foreman, Senior Foreman, Deputy Head of the Power Lines Service, Substation Head at Nizhnevartovsk Power Grid of Tyumenenergo Directorate under the USSR Energy Ministry.


Service Engineer at the Pre-Commissioning Directorate of the Obelektromontazh trust under the USSR Ministry of Special Construction and Assembly Works (MinMontazhSpetsStroy), later at the Pre-Commissioning Directorate of the Yugor branch of the Cilek Soviet-Danish joint venture.


Deputy Director, Director at commercial entities located in Langepas and Nizhnevartovsk.


Deputy Director General for International Business Affairs at TNK Nefteprodukt (Moscow).


CEO of Nefteprodukt.


Director General of SG-Trans.


Deputy Head of the Management Committee Administration at Gazprom.

From 2002

Director General of Gazpromtrans.

Company history

The company was set up in 2002 after Gazprom had consolidated its railway assets into a unified technological complex for hydrocarbon product transportation. Today, Gazpromtrans is a major railway rolling stock operator holding a 100 per cent share of the freight market for Gazprom’s products.

In 2003, the main branches of the company – the Astrakhan, Orenburg, Surgut, Ukhta and Urengoy offices – were established. By 2007, Gazpromtrans had entered the domestic market as a freight forwarding company rendering product transportation services to third parties.

In 2008, Gazpromtrans was assigned to act as the construction project owner and operator of the unique Obskaya – Bovanenkovo railroad. The Yamal branch was created in the same year. The Obskaya – Bovanenkovo railroad makes it possible to not only transfer equipment and construction materials all year round, but also transport liquid commodities like gas condensate from the Yamal Peninsula fields.

Major activities

Gazpromtrans-owned rolling stock

Gazpromtrans-owned rolling stock

  • providing customers with railway rolling stock. Gazpromtrans renders rail transportation services to Gazprom and other manufacturers;
  • offering freight forwarding services, including filing and approval of shipment requests to Russian Railways, drawing up of waybills and other accompanying documents, payment of the railway rate and other fees for freight transportation, and supervisory control over transportation;
  • delivering customs clearance services for exported freights in accordance with customs regulations;
  • functioning as the construction project owner for Gazprom’s investment projects aimed at developing the railway infrastructure.
Tanks being prepared for liquefied natural gas

Tanks being prepared for liquefied natural gas

Environmental protection

Yamal’s unique environment

Yamal’s unique environment

Gazpromtrans is fully aware of its responsibilities for nature conservation toward future generations. The company places special emphasis on occupational health and environmental protection and safety, which are essential to business efficiency, and strictly complies with the national environmental legislation.

The environmental policy of Gazpromtrans is focused on the following priorities:

  • managing activities in compliance with the Russian environmental legislation, as well as national and international environmental norms and regulations;
  • preventing environmental issues;
  • facilitating the development and deployment of environmentally friendly technologies;
  • promoting environmental awareness and consciousness among employees.

Social policy

Gazpromtrans pays great attention to social projects. The company renders assistance to educational institutions for children and supports children’s sports. As part of the Gazprom for Children program, Gazpromtrans took under its patronage Boarding School No. 17 (Moscow) for children with musculoskeletal disorders to help the institution on an annual basis.

Within Gazprom for Children program Gazpromtrans built children’s sports ground in Ukhta

Within Gazprom for Children program Gazpromtrans built children’s sports ground in Ukhta

In addition, Gazpromtrans supports gifted children from the Kharp settlement (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area) who win awards at international music competitions every year. The company provides charitable assistance to the Vektor Interregional Non-Governmental Sports Organization for Persons with Disabilities, which holds open cup tournaments in sitting volleyball for people with musculoskeletal disorders. Moreover, Gazpromtrans contributes to cultural events, renders charitable support to educational institutions, and takes part in other projects.


Gazpromtrans develops its railway infrastructure

Gazpromtrans develops its railway infrastructure

In 2015, Gazpromtrans was chosen as the railway transport operator for the Amur Gas Processing Plant construction project. Thanks to the experience gained in the construction and operation of the Obskaya – Bovanenkovo railroad, the company will achieve excellence in construction supervision and will go on to operate the commissioned facilities.