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Head of PR Service and Media Relations Service

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Head of PR Service and Media Relations Service

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Yury Maramygin is Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd.

Was born in 1966 in the Kurgan Region.


He graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, majoring in Design, Construction and Operation of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storage Facilities. He has an MBA degree and a PhD degree in Engineering.

Professional experience

Yury Maramygin has been part of Gazprom’s team for 24 years.


He rose through the ranks from Foreman to Head of Line Operation Service at Shadrinskoye Gas Pipeline Operation Center of Gazprom’s subsidiary Uraltransgaz (from March 2008: Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg).


Deputy Gas Sales Director for Kurgan Region at Mezhregiongaz.


Head of Shadrinskoye Gas Pipeline Operation Center at Uraltransgaz.


Deputy Director General for Capital Construction, Chief Engineer, First Deputy Director General at Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg.

Since 2016

Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd.

Company history

1946: discovery of commercial gas reserves at the Archedinskoye oil and gas field.

October 1953: start-up of Archeda – Stalingrad, the first gas trunkline in the Stalingrad Region.

August 1, 1965: official date of the company’s incorporation (the Volgograd Gas Pipeline Operation Center was established by Order No. 385 of the USSR State Production Committee on Gas Industry, dated July 17, 1965).

Compressor shop No. 1 of Antipovka compressor station, 1974

Compressor shop No. 1 of Antipovka compressor station, 1974

From 1974: Volgogradtransgaz Production Association, from 1991: Volgogradtransgaz subsidiary company, from 1999: Volgogradtransgaz Limited Liability Company.

January 28, 2008: the company was renamed as Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd as part of the second stage of the restructuring and streamlining of Gazprom’s corporate management structure.

Opening of monument to commemorate 50th anniversary of Archeda – Stalingrad gas pipeline, 2003

Geography of Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd’s operations

Geography of Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd’s operations

Major activities

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd transports natural gas to the Central and Southern Federal Districts of Russia and abroad via the gas trunkline system located in the Volgograd, Voronezh and Rostov Regions and the Republic of Kalmykia.

Olkhovskaya compressor station, Pochinki – Izobilnoye gas trunkline

Today, the company operates the following infrastructure:

  • 7,600 kilometers of single-string gas trunklines;
  • 230 gas distribution stations in four Russian regions;
  • 28 compressor shops (191 gas compressors with a total installed capacity of 1,833,700 kW);
  • 10 CNG filling stations.

The Central Asia – Center, Soyuz, Orenburg – Novopskov, Petrovsk – Novopskov, Urengoy – Novopskov, Pochinki – Izobilnoye – Severo-Stavropolskoye UGS facility gas pipelines run through the area of the company’s operation.

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd employs some 5,000 staff. The company has its headquarters in Volgograd.

Environmental protection

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd’s environmental management system is based on up-to-date requirements and the principles outlined in the ISO 14001 international standard.

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd’s environmental management system complies to modern standards

The company observes environmental safety requirements and ensures environmental protection and preservation during its operational activities.

The environmental commitments undertaken by Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd are featured in its environmental policy approved in 2012 and based on the general provisions and commitments of Gazprom’s Environmental Policy.

Construction of new gas trunklines

Today, almost all of the company’s employees contribute to environmental protection. In 2015, the Ecological Tram project of Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd received an award from the Vernadsky Foundation in the Ecological Education and Awareness category.

Social policy

The company’s employees and their families have the opportunity to recover their health in Russia’s best resorts at any time of year and on favorable terms. Furthermore, the company owns the Magistral resort located in the Agoy settlement of the Tuapsinsky District, Krasnodar Region.

Opening of children’s sports ground in Ust-Buzulukskaya village, 2007

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd successfully holds corporate events thanks to a favorable psychological environment. Traditionally, there are contests for the title of best workers, the Fakel amateur arts festival, and industry-specific and corporate Spartakiada Games.

Donskoy Rodnichok ensemble regularly participates in Fakel festival

Donskoy Rodnichok ensemble regularly participates in Fakel festival

Gazprom’s largest social project is the Gazprom for Children Program. In implementing the Program between 2007 and 2016, the company has built in the Volgograd, Rostov and Voronezh Regions and the Republic of Kalmykia 28 multi-purpose sports grounds for children, a school stadium, and a sports and recreation complex for the Boys’ Pedagogical Lyceum, and a modern cultural and sports complex in the Voroshilovsky District of Volgograd.

Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd provides substantial charitable support, including by allocating funds to educational, medical and veterans’ organizations.

Ecological Tram campaign, 2016

Ecological Tram campaign, 2016

In 2012, the company joined the Gymnasium Union of Russia federal project aimed at engaging schoolchildren from Russia’s most remote regions into large-scale scientific and cultural projects.

Opening of children’s sports ground in Pallasovka, 2007


Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd actively participates in the implementation of the Gas Supply and Gasification Development Program for the Volgograd Region. The company contributes to the large-scale social and environmental program for NGV market development. Over the next three years, Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd will build five new CNG filling stations in the area of its operation.