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Perm Krai, Russian Federation

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Sergey Suslikov – Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky.

He was born in 1962 in the North Ossetian ASSR.


In 1988 he graduated from the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, majoring in Cooling and Compressor Machines and Units.

Professional experience

Sergey Suslikov has been employed at Gazprom Group for 28 years.


4th grade repairman, Deputy Head – Chief Engineer at the Akchalokskoye Line Pipe Operation Center with the Sredaztransgaz Production Association.


1st category engineer (procurement and supply) at the Berezanskoye Line Pipe Operation Center, 2nd category engineer, Chief Engineer, Head of the Kushchevskoye Line Pipe Operation Center, Kubangazprom.


Deputy Director General for Gas Transmission, Kubangazprom.


Deputy Director General for Gas Transmission, Deputy Director General for Production, Chief Engineer – First Deputy Director General, Gazprom Transgaz Krasnodar.

Since 2016

Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky.

Company history

In the early 1980s six large gas pipelines were laid near the Ural town of Tchaikovsky. The pipelines conveyed Siberian gas to the Urals and further to central Russia and abroad. During that period the pipelines were operated by Gorkiytransgaz Production Association. The company ran its business extensively and this called for the Association’s downsizing in 1984, which resulted in creation of a new company, Permtransgaz.

Over the first year of its existence Permtransgaz serviced slightly more than 4,000 kilometers of gas pipelines, 17 compressor workshops and 34 gas distribution stations. The gas transmission system was intensely constructed and developed between 1984 and 1991. Up to 1,300 kilometers of gas pipelines and 20 gas compressor units (GCUs) were annually commissioned. The average annual gas transmission volume increased from 120 to 360 billion cubic meters.

In January 2008 Permtransgaz was renamed Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky.

Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky Administration

Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky Administration

Major activities

Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky is one of the largest gas transmission subsidiaries of Gazprom. Over 60 per cent of the total gas volume produced by the Russian energy company is annually conveyed through the Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky gas transmission system.

The company distributes gas via Russia’s 15 largest gas trunklines and operates over 10,600 kilometers of gas transmission networks together with gas branches. The company comprises 12 line pipe operation centers, 61 compressor workshops, 262 GCUs, 131 gas distribution stations and annually distributes over 300 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

As part of Gazprom’s special programs Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky carries out the following activities:

  • reinsulation of gas trunklines, including pipeline overhaul;
  • in-tube inspection of gas pipelines and the follow-up debottlenecking;
  • bringing aged gas pipelines to the nominal pressure level;
  • repair of underwater and frame crossings, passages through highways and railroads.

Along with retrofitting of gas line pipes, renovation and upgrade of compressor stations, GCUs and automated control systems are underway. As part of the long-term comprehensive Gazprom – Urals program, the company has been cooperating with machine builders from the Perm Territory for over twenty years now. At present, the compressor stations of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky are equipped with several types of the Urals-series gas pumping units with 12, 16 and 25 MW in capacity.

In April 2011 a pilot gas compressor unit, Ladoga GCU-32 was commissioned at the Vavozhskaya compressor station (CS) of the Uvinsk Line Pipe Operation Center instead of the worn out and outdated GCU-25/76. This GCU model is designed for use in harsh climatic conditions, in particular, at the compressor stations of the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas transmission system that convey natural gas from the richest fields of Yamal. This GCU has an increased efficiency (36 per cent), a prolonged operational life and a low level of air emissions.

Ladoga GCU-32 at Vavozhskaya CS of Uvinsk Line Pipe Operation Center

Ladoga GCU-32 at Vavozhskaya CS of Uvinsk Line Pipe Operation Center

Environmental protection

In January 2010 Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky adopted its Environmental Policy defining the company’s strategic target in the area of environmental protection – to mitigate the man-made impact on the environment through pollution prevention and rational use of non-renewable natural resources.

In December 2010 an expert group of the certification body for integrated quality management system performed a certification audit of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky in order to verify the compliance with GOST R ISO 14001–2007 and MS ISO 14001:2004 standards. The company`s environmental management system was certificated with regard to gas transmission via pipelines, including compressor and distribution stations operation. Based on the results of the certification, Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky obtained international certificates issued by Quality Austria, European certification body, IQNet, international certification network and Russian conformity certificate GOST R.

On October 19, 2011 due to the consistent enhancement of environmental management, a new version of Environmental Policy aimed at improving the environmental efficiency of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky was approved.

Social policy

The company's social sector involves a set of programs on medical treatment, housing conditions improvement, sanatorium recreation, social benefits provision and sports & cultural events arrangement for the employees, their families and retired persons.

In December 2012 the new Collective Agreement for 2013 to 2015 was considered and approved at the conference of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky employees.

Amateur creative teams, winners of Russian and foreign festivals and competitions, work at the company’s cultural and sports center. They are famous for being the constant winners of the corporate Fakel Festival.

Vertical Contemporary Dance Theater

Vertical Contemporary Dance Theater

Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky presents itself as a socially responsible company: a lot of sports and cultural facilities, houses, memorials and roads have been built in the operating areas of its branches. Beneficial aid is provided to organizations and individuals.

The company is an active participant of the Gazprom for Children program. As part of the program charitable actions and sports events are held, modern health & fitness centers and children`s playgrounds are being constructed in the subsidiary business areas.

Inauguration of Olympia modern sports and recreation complex built as part of Gazprom for Children program in Gornozavodsk in February 2012

Inauguration of Olympia modern sports and recreation complex built as part of Gazprom for Children program in Gornozavodsk in February 2012

The sports team of Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky is a constant participant of Gazprom’s Spartakiada Games that takes first places in team standings and often takes top spots in individual championships. The properly equipped sports base is an essential precondition for good results. The base comprises 12 sports and recreation complexes three of which are located in Tchaikovsky and nine – in its branches. There is also a stadium with artificial football turf and tartan track, a 25-meter swimming pool. Moreover, sportsmen can also visit a hockey ground and a ski rental center. All the sports facilities of the company are available both to the employees and to the citizens living near the company’s branches.