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Alexander Babakov, Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow was born in 1974 in Bryansk.


He graduated from Bryansk State Technical University in 1996, majoring in turbine engineering.

Professional experience

All his professional life was ​tied to Gazprom Transgaz Moscow.


He moved up the career ladder from Engineer to Head of the Morshansk Directorate for Gas Mains.


Head of the Putyatino Directorate for Gas Mains.


Head of the Morshansk Directorate for Gas Mains.


Deputy Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer – First Deputy Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow.

Company history

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow was the first company in Russia to start long-distance gas transmission.

On July 11, 1946 natural gas from Saratov fields came to Moscow. On July 25, 1946 the Head of Glavgaztopprom under the USSR Council of Ministers ordered to reorganize the administration of the Saratov – Moscow gas pipeline under construction into the Gas Pipeline Operation Directorate. This date is considered to be a birthday of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow.

Once the Stavropol – Moscow multi-line gas main system was constructed in 1956, the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS) of Russia was put into operation.

In 1966 the company was awarded the Order of Lenin (the highest state award in the USSR) for outstanding performance.

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow activity area

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow activity area

In 2006 Gazprom Transgaz Moscow was entitled to the supreme award of the Russian Federal Assembly – the State Duma Merit Certificate. The company is also a winner of the Russian National Olympus prize in the Fuel and Energy Complex nomination.

Nowadays, Gazprom Transgaz Moscow is a largest gas transmission subsidiary of Gazprom and a key element of Russia’s UGSS ensuring timely and uninterrupted natural gas delivery to consumers of 14 constituent entities in European Russia (the city of Moscow, the Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Orel, Ryazan, Tambov, Tver and Tula Oblasts), domestic market supplies and gas transit to the FSU and other countries.

Gazprom transgaz Moscow headquarters

Gazprom transgaz Moscow headquarters

Major activities

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow feeds gas via more than 700 gas distribution stations and dispatch control stations to 400 Russian cities and towns, thousands of villages and settlements. The company operates over 21 thousand kilometers of gas trunklines and gas laterals, 278 gas compressor units with the total installed capacity of 2,800 MW in 48 compressor shops. The amount of gas conveyed by the company is some 275 billion cubic meters per year.

More than 13 thousand workers ensure that the company is a success.

The key gas pipelines operated by the company are Urengoy – Uzhgorod, Central Asia – Center, North Caucasus – Center, Yamburg – Tula-2, Circular Gas Pipeline of the Moscow Oblast, Tula –Torzhok, Petrovsk – Yelets, Yelets – Kursk – Kiev, Yelets – Kursk – Dikanka, Tula – Shostka – Kiev, Shebelinka – Belgorod – Kursk – Bryansk, Dashava – Kiev – Bryansk – Moscow, Saratov – Moscow, Gorky – Center.

In addition to its core businesses the company performs:

  • operation, maintenance and construction of gas trunklines, and the gas transmission system facilities;
  • retrofitting and upgrading of equipment;
  • R&D and engineering activities;
  • capital construction of new facilities for production and other purposes.

Between 2005 and 2007 the company constructed two state-of-the-art compressor stations (CS): Volokolamskaya (Moscow Oblast) and Kamensk-Shakhtinskaya (Rostov Oblast), two compressor shops at the Tuma CS and the Kasimovskoye underground gas storage (UGS) facility, as well as put onstream the Sohranovka CS – Oktyabrskaya CS, Kasimovskoye UGS – Voskresenskaya CS gas trunklines and the retrofitted section of the Circular Gas Pipeline of the Moscow Oblast (CGPMO I) between the Noginsk CS and the Voskresenskaya CS.

Voskresensk compressor station

Voskresensk compressor station

Environmental protection

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow controls the environmental impact made by operational facilities, undertakes production and ecological monitoring as well as an overhauling and maintenance of nature conservation facilities. All of the company’s activities are performed in compliance with environmental regulations.

In recent years, air pollution emissions have been confined to the maximum permissible limits related to transmission operations performed.

Nature conservation authorities regularly conduct environmental inspection at the company’s branches.

In the near future Gazprom Transgaz Moscow will keep its focus on production and ecological monitoring, and control over compliance with nature conservation regulations.

Social policy

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow traditionally contributes a lot to the social policy.

The company comprises two sanatoriums, three recreation centers, a children’s recreation camp, which are located in Central Russia and on the Black Sea coast as well as a modern diagnostics and rehabilitation center. The company’s employees are trained on a regular basis at the Zimenki and Pervomaisky training and production centers.

Between 2001 and 2008 the company won six prizes of the All-Russian Contest “Russian Company of High Social Efficiency”. In 2007 the company won the Personnel Qualification, Training and Development System diploma (Class I).

Since 2007 the Company participates in the Gazprom to Children program implementation with a view to raise a healthy generation of Russians. As part of this program, Gazprom Transgaz Moscow commissioned a variety of facilities: versatile sports, hockey and football grounds, tennis courts and swimming pools. For instance, in 2009 the company built 25 sports grounds in the Kursk Oblast and completed a large-scale program on versatile grounds construction in 24 regions of the Voronezh Oblast.

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow is an active participant of Gazprom to Children program

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow employees and their family members fully participate in the industry-wide Spartakiada Games and festivals. Its creative groups have repeatedly won prizes of the Fakel festival and its sports team once won the Summer Spartakiada Games of Gazprom and thrice finished second. In 2007 Gazprom Transgaz Moscow arranged the 2nd Summer Children’s Spartakiada Games and 7th Summer Spartakiada Games of Gazprom in Belgorod. The sports forum brought together over 600 children and some 2,000 adults from 27 participating teams. The children’s team of the company took the thirst place and the adult team – the second place having lost only 1 point to the winners. The children’s team of Gazprom Transgaz Moscow sustained its leadership position once again by winning the 3rd Summer Children’s Spartakiada Games in 2009.

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow team – winners of 3rd Summer Children’s Spartakiada Games of Gazprom

Gazprom Transgaz Moscow team – winners of 3rd Summer Children’s Spartakiada Games of Gazprom

The company’s employees also win industry-specific competitions such as Gazprom’s vocational skills competition for the Best Pipelayer Operator and the Best Welder.


Pursuant to the program for retrofitting, reconstruction and development of automated process control systems at Gazprom’s facilities for 2011–2015, 974 kilometers of gas trunklines are to be reconstructed within Gazprom Transgaz Moscow operation area. Another 3,034 kilometers of gas pipelines will be reconstructed to ensure in-line inspection activities including pig launchers/receivers installation. It is planned to reconstruct 69 gas distribution stations, fully reconstruct 7 compressor stations as well as other main and auxiliary gas transmission facilities.