Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg

formerly Gazprom Razvitiye

100per cent ownership by Gazprom


20/22A Galernaya Str.
190000, Saint Petersburg

+7 812 646-12-12
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Sergey Gustov is Director General of Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg.

He was born on October 12, 1969.

In 1992 he graduated from Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute qualified as a Mining Engineer. Sergey Gustov holds a PhD in Engineering.

1995 to 1998

Pro-rector for international relations at Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute.

1998 to 1999

Deputy Director General of Mezhregiongaz branches in the St. Petersburg Region and the Republic of Karelia.

1999 to 2004

Deputy Director General of Peterburgregiongaz.

2004 to 2008

Director General of PeterburgGaz.

Since 2004

Director General (combined duties) of Peterburgteploenergo.

Since January 2008

Director General of Gazprom Gazoraspredeleniye (Gazpromregiongaz before April 12, 2011).

Since 2014

Director General of Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg.

Awards and titles

  • Medal of the Order for the Services to the Fatherland, II Class;
  • Winner of the 2010 Russian Government Science and Technology Prize.

Company history and legal status

Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg (former Gazprom Razvitiye) was set up in 1997. The company is registered in St. Petersburg.

Company goals and objectives

Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg is a special-purpose company set up to implement the project for designing, constructing and operating a natural gas liquefaction plant in the Leningrad Region (Baltic LNG) as well as the related infrastructure.


Gazprom is successfully developing the LNG (liquefied natural gas) sales and transportation segment. At present, Gazprom supplies LNG to ten countries. The Company’s goal is to build up its presence in the promising markets, at first place, through increasing its own production.

The project for construction of an LNG plant in the Leningrad Region is targeted, first of all, at European markets. Besides, the possibility is being considered of LNG-LNG swap deals. Latin American countries that show interest in expanding and diversifying LNG supplies also represent the project target market.

In addition, it is planned to use the plant products for supplying gas to the Kaliningrad Region, for servicing the bunker market as well as for small-scale supplies to the Baltic Region.