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Mikhail Levchenkov is Director General of Gazprom Invest.

He was born in Leningrad in June 1964.



He graduated from Leningrad Housing Construction Technical School majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering.


He obtained a diploma in Industrial and Civil Engineering from Leningrad Engineering and Construction Institute.


He completed an MBA program at the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg.

Professional experience


Mikhail Levchenkov has been part of Gazprom’s team ever since. He held managerial positions at Lentransgaz (Advisor to Director General for Capital Construction, Deputy Director General for Capital Construction).

From 2007

Director General of Gazprom Invest (Gazprom Invest Zapad until 2013).


  • Honored Builder of Russia title (2006);
  • Merit certificate of the Governor of St. Petersburg for long-standing dedicated work and a big contribution to the development of St. Petersburg’s engineering and power sector (2010).

Company history

Gazprom Invest (Gazprom Invest Zapad until March 15, 2013) was set up as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom in 2007. Gazprom Invest is the single customer of Gazprom’s systemic investment projects.

Major activities

The company is engaged in the design, construction and commissioning of gas industry facilities, as well as industrial and civil engineering facilities.

Gazprom Invest’s largest projects are aimed at meeting the growing gas demand in the European Union in the medium- and long-term perspective, thereby ensuring energy security in Europe, ramping up gas exports, and eliminating transit risks.

Among those projects are:

  • the Ukhta – Torzhok 2 gas pipeline to convey gas from the Bovanenkovskoye field (Yamal) into the Nord Stream 2 export submarine gas pipeline;
  • the Gryazovets – Vyborg gas pipeline to ensure gas deliveries via the Nord Stream submarine gas pipeline from Russia to Germany and additional natural gas supplies to northwestern Russia;
  • construction of underground gas storage facilities, including the unique Kaliningradskoye UGS facility built in rock salt deposits over 230 million years old;
  • reconstruction of the Astrakhan gas complex;
  • construction of liquid hydrocarbon processing and transportation facilities in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region;
  • Russian Regions Gasification Program, etc.
Laying first string of Gryazovets – Vyborg gas pipeline. Leningrad Region. May 2009

Laying first string of Gryazovets – Vyborg gas pipeline. Leningrad Region. May 2009

Today, the company contributes to the social and economic growth in nearly every region across the European part of Russia from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea by developing the Unified Gas Supply System.

Welding final tie-in of second string of Minsk – Vilnius – Kaunas – Kaliningrad gas pipeline on Lithuanian-Russian border. September 9, 2009

Welding final tie-in of second string of Minsk – Vilnius – Kaunas – Kaliningrad gas pipeline on Lithuanian-Russian border. September 9, 2009

Environmental protection

In its business activities Gazprom Invest follows the rules and requirements of the Gazprom Environmental Policy. The company is striving to achieve the balance between fulfilling its social and economic goals and preserving the environment and natural resources.

The company invests significant efforts in mitigating environmental impacts and preserving Russia’s ecosystem as it performs construction works in special geographic areas with unique landscapes and sites. Since many of the company’s projects are transboundary, their implementation is subject to the most stringent international requirements in the field of environmental protection.

In 2013, Gazprom Invest received the Crystal Compass national award in the Best Environmental Project by an Industrial Company or Business category.

Social policy

Gazprom Invest’s employees are a team of professionals. The company’s incentive program is aimed at attracting and retaining high quality personnel and motivating them toward greater performance. This is why Gazprom Invest observes high corporate and international standards for social and staff policies by offering its employees a wide range of opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

The company has adopted the Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified in compliance with the international OHSAS 18001 standard.

Every year, students of Gazprom's partner universities located in St. Petersburg complete traineeship programs at Gazprom Invest. The company welcomes specialists whose energy and expertise will contribute to the achievement of Gazprom Invest’s ambitious goals.