Gazprom Energo

formerly Gazpromenergo

100per cent ownership by Gazprom


101 Vernadsky Prospekt, Bldg 3
119526, Moscow

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Head of PR and GR

Yury Kuznetsov

Head of PR and GR

+7 495 428-45-63


Roman Diatlov is Director General of Gazprom Energo.

Company history

Gazpromenergo was set up in 1998, with Gazprom holding 20 per cent of the company’s equity capital. At the time, the company aimed to establish groups of investors interested in cooperating with Gazprom on joint energy projects.

In 2003, Gazprom bought out the ownership stakes of all other shareholders, transforming Gazprom Energo into a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Gazprom Energo runs its business in accordance with Gazprom’s Power Generation Strategy adopted in 2007 and acts as a unified company ensuring power supplies via electric grids. Today, Gazprom Energo operates power facilities of the Unified Gas Supply System and Gazprom subsidiaries, as well as provides consumers with a full range of power supply services, including power delivery; heat production, transmission and distribution; water supply and disposal; and creation and operation of a unified multilevel automated system for commercial metering of energy resources.

As Gazprom’s specialized power subsidiary, Gazprom Energo operates in 43 Russian Regions through 11 branches.

The company employs over 4,000 people, of whom almost a thousand are young professionals under 30 years old.

Boiler house in Novy Urengoy

Major activities

The company’s major activities are as follows:

  • transmission of electric power;
  • generation, transmission and marketing of thermal energy;
  • extraction, purification and transportation of potable and industrial water;
  • purification and transportation of sewage water;
  • setting-up of utility connections between power units and power networks, including the preparation and issuance of relevant specifications;
  • supervisory control of production processes;
  • design, installation, setting-up and operation of automated management, monitoring and metering systems, including the automated electric power metering system at Gazprom’s facilities;
  • creation and use of databases and information resources for automated systems;
  • development and implementation of energy saving projects, as well as arrangement of energy surveys and energy audits in Gazprom’s subsidiary companies and organizations.

Boiler house in Yamburg

Outdoor switchgear, Gazprom Energo’s Surgut branch

Environmental protection

Gazprom Energo’s business activities are consistent with Gazprom’s strategy for sustainable environmental management and environmental impact mitigation.

To that end, the company carries out a set of measures, including the following:

  • planning and systematic supervision of environmental activities in Gazprom Energo’s branches;
  • improvement of the company’s environmental management practices based on comprehensive environmental monitoring at its facilities;
  • reconstruction of facilities with the purpose of mitigating man-made impacts;
  • interaction with the environmental services of other Gazprom subsidiaries.

Power transformer, Zapolyarnoye field

Chemical laboratory

Social policy

Gazprom Energo gives great attention to making its working environment as comfortable and safe as possible, providing its employees with a package of social guarantees, benefits, and compensations, as well as organizing cultural and sports events.

The company adopted a collective agreement governing social and labor relations at Gazprom Energo, as well as a number of other documents focused on education, HR, and medical support for the employees and their families. Supplementary pension benefits provided through the GAZFOND Non-Governmental Pension Fund are a crucial social guarantee for retired employees.

Participants of 2007 Summer Spartakiada Games


Pursuant to Gazprom’s Power Generation Strategy, Gazprom Energo was assigned the role of a unified power supply company. In the short term, the company’s main goal is to consolidate the power assets of Gazprom’s subsidiaries, which will help Gazprom optimize the power supply process, establish common management standards across its power supply network, and reduce operational and financial risks during the restructuring of its power generation business.