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Anatoly Sorokin is Director General of Gazprom Gazobezopasnost.

Anatoly Sorokin was born in the Orenburg Region in 1960. He graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute in 1983, majoring in Technology and Comprehensive Mechanization in Development of Oil and Gas Fields.

He has been a member of Gazprom's team for 17 years.

1983–1993 and 1994–1999

Anatoly Sorokin worked at the Kholmogorneft Oil and Gas Production Directorate of Noyabskneftegaz. He rose through the ranks from oil and gas production operator to Chief Engineer and Deputy Head for Production.


Chief Engineer at Barsukovneft Oil and Gas Production Directorate, Purneftegaz.


Lead Engineer at Gas Production Division, Head of Vyngayakhinsky Gas Production Facility, Deputy Director General for Production at Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk.


First Deputy Director General and Chief Engineer at Severneftegazprom.


Director General of Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

с 2015

Director General of Gazprom Gazobezopasnost.

Company history

Gazprom Gazobezopasnost considers the date of its inception to be September 25, 1972, when the Directorate for Occupational Health and Safety, Paramilitary Services and Industrial Security was established by the order of the Gas Industry Ministry.

As a result of structural changes in the gas industry and pursuant to the order of the Gas Industry Ministry, the Directorate was reorganized in October 1989 into Gazobezopasnost company that became a limited liability company in June 1999.

Extinguishing gas blowout at Vuktylskoye field, 1980

Extinguishing gas blowout at Vuktylskoye field, 1980

In May 2009, the company was renamed as Gazprom Gazobezopasnost.

Gazprom Gazobezopasnost is Gazprom’s emergency service included in the List of the national standby forces of the unified state emergency response system.

Burning blowout

Major activities

Gazprom Gazobezopasnost’s major activities include injury, fire and accident prevention measures at gas industry facilities; prevention of and response to gas, oil and water inflows, blowouts, open gushers (including those in offshore areas); explosion-hazardous operations; and personnel training under contracts with Gazprom and other companies.

Emergency crew extinguishing gas blowouts

Gazprom Gazobezopasnost takes considerable efforts on an annual basis to provide guidance and operational management regarding health and safety arrangements at gas industry companies and organizations, as well as to implement organizational and technical measures aimed at strengthening and improving fire safety at explosion-hazardous gas facilities, which helps reduce accidents in the workplace and prevent blowouts and large-scale fires at gas facilities.

Hazardous gas operations at well site

Hazardous gas operations at well site

Emergency wellhead operations

Emergency wellhead operations

The members of six paramilitary services based near major gas and condensate fields participate in field operations, including drilling and overhaul. Gazprom Gazobezopasnost’s paramilitary services are located in the Astrakhan, Orenburg and Moscow Regions, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, the Komi Republic, and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Gazprom Gazobezopasnost develops, produces, and supplies to Russian and foreign oil and gas companies specialized non-standard equipment and tools for repairing wells (including under-pressure repairs), capping gas and oil blowouts, and stopping gas, oil and water inflows. The equipment can be manufactured using customers’ production capacities. The company can fill up emergency stockpiles depending on customers’ needs.

Portable robotic facility developed by employees of Gazprom Gazobezopasnost

Portable robotic facility developed by employees of Gazprom Gazobezopasnost

Exercises of paramilitary services

Exercises of paramilitary services