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Stanislav Anikeev is Director General of Centrgaz.

Born on May 8, 1962 in Saratov.

Graduated from the Saratov Economic Institute with a degree in Finance and Credit. PhD in Economics.


Served as Director General of Saratovoblgaz and Saratovgaz and headed Mezhregiongaz branch in the Saratov Oblast at the same time.


Director for Relations with Federal Authorities at Mezhregiongaz.


Director for Logistical Support at Mostransgaz, then at Gazprom transgaz Moscow.

since June 2009

Director General, Centrgaz.

Company history

On December 28, 1973, the USSR Ministry of Gas Industry ordered to set up a construction and assembly company Soyuzcentrgaz intended to develop gas fields, build and repair gas mains, gasify population centers and build industrial and socio-cultural facilities.

Building gas supply lines

The company began its operations with renovating the Podzemgaz station in the vicinity of Moscow. Later on, the company built a gas compressor station in Serpukhov, gas lines in the Saratov and Lugansk Oblasts, retrofitted the Central Asia – Center Urals – Kuzbass gas trunklines and performed work under the state-run Non-Black Soil Zone Gas program. The employees of the company have made a noticeable contribution to the development of famous gas fields in Novy Urengoy and Strezhevoye. The structural units of Soyuzcentrgaz were used in cleanup operations at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, supplied drinking water to the Aral Sea area in Central Asia hit by an environmental disaster and rebuilt Armenian towns and villages damaged by the earthquake.

In 1993 the state-owned construction and assembly company Centrgaz was transformed into Centrgaz open joint stock company.

As of today, the company has built over 7,000 kilometers of gas trunklines and gas grids, and 5 compressor stations. About 200,000 facilities were supplied with gas and over 700,000 square meters of housing were commissioned.

Major activities

Centrgaz is a multifaceted construction holding that includes construction and assembly organizations, modern production facilities to manufacture construction materials, structures and items, procurement and marketing entities and social infrastructure facilities. The company is outfitted with high-performance equipment operated by skilled staff. Centrgaz is licensed to perform all kinds of construction work, which allows it to secure high quality and quick pace of construction, comply with the government-imposed standards and guarantee reliability of the structures built by it.

Centrgaz activities include:

  • construction, renovation and repairs of gas trunklines and gas branch pipelines, industrial and social infrastructure facilities, as well as gasification of population centers;
  • manufacturing of construction materials and structures;
  • wide range of construction and assembly work;
  • procurement and marketing; construction of motor roads;
  • development of well casings;
  • provision of transport and other services.

Centrgaz has been awarded numerous diplomas for its achievements, and its employees received state awards and honorary titles. Decorations include the prestigious Birmingham Torch Award, a golden medal of the Russian-Swiss business club, the Russian Economy Leader badge of honor, and the Russian Construction Olympus prize. The company invariably participates in international forums and exhibitions.

Currently, Centrgaz operates within an area stretching from Russia’s western borders to the Urals. The largest customers include Gazprom and its subsidiaries, executive authorities of the Russian regions, as well as business and production entities. The company built the final phase of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline near the Belarusian border. Today, the enterprise is building the Rzhevskaya compressor station in the Tver Oblast, participates in the construction of the Northern Tyumen Oblast (SRTO) – Torzhok gas trunkline, provides gas supplies to 12 Russian regions, builds houses, industrial and social infrastructure facilities in Moscow, as well as the Moscow, Leningrad, Tula and Kaluga Oblasts.

Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas linepipe laying

Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas linepipe laying

Centrgaz is comprised of 14 subsidiaries with over 3,500 employees.

Environmental protection

The company introduced the environmental management system consistent with GOST R ISO 14001–2007 standard that made it possible to develop and implement an environmental policy that provides for compliance with environmental regulations.

The company pursues policies to minimize the adverse environmental impact of its construction operations through compliance with environmental standards, implementation of innovative technologies, technical improvements, and efficient use of material resources and equipment.

The action plans including sets of measures to protect the environment and conserve the nature have been developed at all construction sites in order to preserve and restore the natural environment.

Social policy

Centrgaz also focuses on addressing social issues. The company owns a recreation facility in the village of Tenginka, Tuapse District, Krasnodar Krai that is used by employees and their families. It is located on the Black Sea coast and features comfortable cottages, sports grounds and a swimming pool. In conjunction with its trade union committee, the company provides healthcare services and vacation packages to its employees.

Centrgaz holds events for children left without parental care in Tula Oblast

Centrgaz holds events for children left without parental care in Tula Oblast

In addition, Centrgaz promotes mass physical training and sports. The company restored the Central Stadium (Arsenal) in Tula. It built a European-level sports base, restored the pool, built Russia’s best heated and watered football field, and a Rekortan-covered racetrack. It also retrofitted the field-and-track arena now used for basketball, volleyball and track-and-field events.

Tula’ Central Stadium, Arsenal, has become the main venue for major sports events held among the domestic gas companies. Gazprom’s summer Spartakiada Games were held here in 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2004 with active participation of Centrgaz. In 2001 the Enrico Mattei Cup football championship among European gas companies was held here. The company’s team regularly wins prizes during the competitions held among the domestic gas companies.

Moreover, Centrgaz provides ongoing assistance to Great Patriotic War veterans, disabled people, large families, orphan homes and other institutions. The company holds social events as part of the Gazprom to Children program, including children’s artistic contests and other social and cultural events.

New Year show at an orphan home in Tula Oblast

New Year show at an orphan home in Tula Oblast


The company’s prospects are connected with its participation in the Yamal megaproject involving the construction of gas mains and compressor stations as well as continued gasification program in the Russian regions.

The company strictly manages the quality of its work, enforces compliance with construction deadlines and environmental standards and has the capability for enhancing the scope of gas supply systems construction operations.