Gazprom Svyaz

formerly Gazsvyaz

100per cent ownership by Gazprom


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Russian Federation

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Alexander Nosonov was born on September 18, 1962 in the settlement of Vyshgorod, Ryazan District, Ryazan Oblast.

In 1984 he graduated from Ryazan Radiotechnical Institute, getting a qualification in Automatics and Telemechanics.

From 1984 to 1986 he did his military service in the USSR Armed Forces.

From 1986 to 2001 he worked as an engineer, the Operation Division Head, the Communication Service Head and Chief Engineer of the Prioksky Production and Technical Communication Directorate of Svyaztransneft branch company.

From 2001 to 2003 – Chief Engineer of Svyaztransneft.

From 2003 to 2007 – Chief Engineer, Director General of Telekomnefteproduct.

In May 2007 he was appointed Director General of Gazprom Svyaz (former Gazsvyaz).

Alexander Nosonov has been awarded with the Merit Certificate by the Russian Federation Industry and Energy Ministry.

Company history

In 1978 the USSR Gas Industry Ministry established the Central Station of Technological Communication (CSTC) transformed into Gazsvyaz in 1999.

Gazprom Svyaz has branch companies in Tyumen, Novy Urengoy and Labytnangi.

In March 2009 Gazsvyaz was renamed Gazprom Svyaz.

Major activities

Gazprom Svyaz provides the Central Production and Dispatch Directorate of the Unified Gas Supply System, Gazprom Administration and subsidiaries with all types of technological communication and effectuates on-line technical monitoring and supervisory control of the Unified Technological Communication Network.

Nowadays Gazprom Svyaz is head organization responsible for technical operation and on-line management of the communication and data transmission network within Gazprom.

The Company’s activity is not limited to operation of the technological communication network. Gazprom Svyaz takes a direct part in the construction of new communication facilities as a company overseeing technical appraisal of projects and control during construction and reconstruction of communication facilities.

The most significant results of a technological communication network modernization are reflected in the construction of Gazprom Moscow Digital Communication Zone (MDCZ) with Gazprom Svyaz as a direct participant, as well as in the creation of the Unified Departmental Data Transmission Network (UDDTN) of Gazprom. At present, Gazprom Svyaz acts as an operator of MDCZ and UDDTN of Gazprom.

Gazprom Svyaz also discharges the functions of an internet services provider for Gazprom. The company’s experts have created a powerful industrial internet center based on the advanced information technologies.

The major objective of Gazprom Svyaz is to ensure safe and secure operation of the technological communication network of the gas industry.