Gas transmission and storage

Gas transmission system development

Gazprom works to create new transmission capacities to supply gas from new production regions, expand the existing gas transmission corridors, and diversify its gas transmission routes.

Gazprom Group’s gas business development

At present, the Company has the following priority projects in the field of gas transmission:

Power of Siberia gas pipeline construction

Power of Siberia gas pipeline construction


One of Gazprom’s strategic goals is to increase the volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in its portfolio. LNG is a tool that will help Gazprom considerably expand the range of new available markets and build up exports.

In order to boost its own LNG production, Gazprom implements the construction project for the third production train within Sakhalin II (up to 5.4 million tons per year) and the Baltic LNG project (10 million tons per year).

Underground gas storage

The Company’s long-term plans include the development of the underground gas storage network in Russia and abroad.

The strategic goal in developing Russian UGS capacities is to reach the daily withdrawal level of 1 billion cubic meters.

To achieve this goal, it is planned to:

  • reconstruct, upgrade, and expand the capacities of the existing UGS facilities;
  • establish and enhance peak load storage capacities in rock salt deposits;
  • create new UGS facilities in the regions with considerable gas consumption.

Gazprom intends to build helium concentrate storage facilities in eastern Russia to ensure comprehensive field development in the region.

Kaliningradskoye UGS facility

Kaliningradskoye UGS facility

As for the international UGS network, Gazprom Group’s goal is to ramp up its UGS capacities to at least 5 per cent of its annual exports by 2030. However, priority is given to the Group’s own UGS capacities, i.e. foreign infrastructural facilities with Gazprom Group’s share ownership.

Gazprom uses Haidach UGS facility in Austria as co-investor

Gazprom uses Haidach UGS facility in Austria as co-investor