Oil and gas processing

Oil and gas processing development

Gazprom’s major goal in gas processing and gas chemistry is to increase the recovery of valuable components from natural gas and associated petroleum gas and their efficient use for further processing into readily marketable products with a high added value as well as building new gas processing and gas chemical facilities.

Orenburg Helium Plant

Orenburg Helium Plant

With a view to ensure gas and condensate transmission from newly-built facilities, the following operations are underway in Western Siberia: expansion and retrofitting of the Urengoy Condensate Treatment Plant in order to increase its annual throughput to 12 million tons, completion of treatment and transmission facilities for oil and Achimov condensate, construction of unfinished sections of the Urengoy – Surgut condensate pipeline as well as expansion and retrofitting of the Surgut Condensate Stabilization Plant.

The oil business development strategy stipulates an increase in oil refining volumes through buildup of own refining capacities in Russia and abroad.

Gazprom’s strategic goals in the domestic refining sector are related to compliance of products with technical regulations, raising of the processing efficiency to 90 per cent as well as recovery of 77 per cent of light petroleum products. Besides, the technology level of refineries is to meet international standards also covering the environmental and safety areas.