Ensuring of UGSS operational reliability

Reliability margin

Centralized control, considerable ramification and parallel transmission routes endow the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS) with the ability to secure uninterrupted gas supplies.

Gas trunklines are provided with a considerable reserve of operational reliability at the design stage enabling Gazprom to safely supply gas to consumers for many decades.

UGSS is world’s largest gas transmission system

UGSS is world’s largest gas transmission system

Gazprom Group’s gas trunklines in Russia in terms of useful life, 2013

Useful life of gas trunkline

Length, km

up to 10 years


from 11 to 20 years


from 21 to 30 years


from 31 to 40 years


from 41 to 50 years


over 50 years




Operational stability

All UGSS processes are under twenty-four-hour control of the Central Operations and Dispatch Department of Gazprom. In 2011 UGSS performed seamlessly, providing continuous supply of gas to Russian and foreign customers.

At Central Operations and Dispatch Department

At Central Operations and Dispatch Department

Stable operation of the gas transmission system (GTS) is secured by cutting-edge inspection methods as well as preventive maintenance and repair operations. It is objectively proved by the reduction of technical failures on gas pipelines.

Number of GTS failures per 1,000 kilometers

Number of GTS failures per 1,000 kilometers

Inspection of Gazprom's GTS pipelines in Russia

Inspection of Gazprom's GTS pipelines in Russia


In order to improve the reliability of gas supply, the technical and environmental safety of transmission as well as the efficient distribution of gas flows, Gazprom annually performs the overhaul as well as preventive maintenance operations on the GTS.

Preparations for gas trunkline reinsulation

Preparations for gas trunkline reinsulation

The key tasks to be met until 2015 during the line pipe overhaul are as follows:

  • maintaining the desired throughput of line pipes by considerably reducing the total length of gas pipeline sections operating under a pressure lower than the nominal one;
  • determining and forecasting the technical condition of gas pipelines over a long term.
Overhaul of gas trunklines in Russia

Overhaul of gas trunklines in Russia

Capital repairs of gas distribution stations in Russia

Capital repairs of gas distribution stations in Russia

Gas trunkline reinsulation

Gas trunkline reinsulation

Reconstruction and upgrade

Gazprom consistently implements comprehensive reconstruction and upgrade programs for gas transmission facilities. The program adopted for 2011–2015 will enable to:

  • reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency by using cutting-edge gas compressor equipment;
  • mitigate emissions of nitrogen and carbon oxides by upgrading combustion chambers of operated units and using low-emission gas-turbine units for the re-equipment of compressor workshops;
  • decrease process losses in gas transmission through the construction, reconstruction and upgrade of metering nodes in transmission facilities.
Overhaul of Novopskov – Aksai – Mozdok gas pipeline

Overhaul of Novopskov – Aksai – Mozdok gas pipeline

The key objectives set for gas transmission and underground storage facility reconstruction until 2015 are as follows:

  • debottlenecking the gas transmission system with due consideration given to its loading at present and in future;
  • retaining the technologically possible throughput of the GTS by comprehensively reconstructing primary and auxiliary equipment at compressor stations and line pipes;
  • further improving the reliability of gas supply to consumers by retrofitting gas branches and gas distribution stations;
  • assuring energy efficiency (energy conservation) during the GTS operation including through the use of gas compressor units with higher efficiency;
  • further building up the UGS facility potential.
Gas pipeline inspection

Gas pipeline inspection