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Russia and Kazakhstan are preparing the Tsentralnoye and Imashevskoye fields for commercial development.

Gazprom’s hydrocarbon exploration and survey regions in Caspian Sea (Tsentralnoye field)

Gazprom’s hydrocarbon exploration and survey regions in Caspian Sea (Tsentralnoye field)

Tsentralnoye field: initial recoverable C1 and C2 reserves are estimated at 28 and 316 million tons of fuel equivalent, respectively.
Imashevskoye field: initial C1+C2 gas reserves exceed 100 billion cubic meters, with a sulfur content of 15 to 17 per cent.

Tsentralnoye field

The Tsentralnoye oil, gas and condensate field owned by Russia and Kazakhstan is located 150 kilometers from Makhachkala, in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. The field was discovered in 2008. The Russian side is represented in the project by TsentrCaspneftegaz, an authorized company set up by Gazprom and LUKOIL on an equal basis, with a 50 per cent stake, while the Kazakh side is represented by KazMunayGas National Company. Gazprom’s stake in the project is therefore 25 per cent. For the purpose of acquiring subsurface use rights for the Tsentralnoye field under PSA terms, TsentrCaspneftegaz and KazMunayGas National Company established the Tsentralnaya Oil and Gas Company, based on the principle of parity. In September 2016, the company obtained a 27-year hydrocarbon exploration and production license for the Tsentralnaya geological structure, with a 7-year period of geological exploration.

Imashevskoye field

The cross-border Imashevskoye gas and condensate field is located 60 kilometers northeast of Astrakhan (Russia) and 250 kilometers southwest of Atyrau in the Kurmangazy District (Kazakhstan). In 2010, Russia and Kazakhstan signed an intergovernmental agreement on joint geological prospecting and exploration of the Imashevskoye field. The companies authorized to carry out operations at the field – Gazprom and KazMunayGas National Company – have prepared a geological survey program. The field’s operator is the KazRosGas joint venture set up in 2002, based on the principle of parity. The JV is currently making efforts to obtain subsurface use rights.