• Gas and oil reserves
  • Gas and oil production
  • Transmission
  • Underground gas storage
  • Processing
  • Power industry
  • Gasification
  • NGV fuel
  • Projects
  • Industrial safety
  • Implementation of the Gas Industry Mineral Resource Base Development Program until 2030 aims at reserves replenishment in the amount of 23.5 trillion cubic meters of gas and 3.4 billion tons of condensate and oil.

    Gazprom in Figures 2011–2015

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    Gazprom in Questions and Answers

    Gazprom Group holds the world's largest natural gas reserves.

    As of December 31, 2015 the Group's A+B+C1 gas reserves (Russian standards) were estimated at 36.147 trillion cubic meters while oil and condensate reserves – at 3.6 billion tons.

    As for the gas production volume amounting to around 11 per cent of the global total, Gazprom Group is one of the leading petroleum companies worldwide. In 2015 the Group produced 418.5 billion cubic meters of natural and associated gas, 15.3 million tons of condensate and 36.0 million tons of oil.

    Gazprom owns the world's largest gas transmission system capable of continuously conveying gas over long distances to Russian consumers and abroad. Gazprom's gas trunklines length exceeds 171.2 thousand kilometers.

    Gazprom is intent on expanding chemicals production, enhancing valuable components extraction from natural gas and boosting advanced processing products output. In 2015 the Group processed 31.2 billion cubic meters of gas and 66.8 million tons of oil and condensate.

    A new crucial business for Gazprom Group is shaping a natural gas vehicles market in Russia. Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo is appointed as a single operator responsible for promoting the use of gas as a vehicle fuel.

    The power generation business development in Gazprom Group contemplates, inter alia, acquiring stakes in generating companies, building new generating facilities, as well as improving power distribution and network operation businesses. The Group's key assets in the Russian power industry are as follows: Mosenergo, TGC-1 and OGK-2.

    Gazprom is Russia's leading gas distributor. Gasification of Russian regions is therefore a major goal of the Group. In 2012 the gasification program covered 66 Russian constituents and investment in gasification projects is earmarked for 65 regions of the country in 2010.

    In this section you will also find information about the most significant projects being implemented by Gazprom.